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My Top 10 Affordable Travel Friendly Makeup Products

Hey everybody, firstly I'd like to apologise yet again for missing another post. I've been really off my game in terms of getting my posts up on time so sorry for that. This post was meant to go up last week so I'll hopefully have two posts some week soon to make up for that. Anyways, today I thought I'd share with you guys my top 10 products that I think would be good for travelling with. While I won't be travelling this summer I thought this could be helpful to any of you guys that are, and even better all these products are drugstore/affordable brands.
The first item that came to mind when brainstorming for this post was the Sleek Eye & Cheek palette in Dancing til Dusk 027. I was lucky enough to find this for only €1.50 in Dealz last summer but it currently retails for €14.49 (current price on This palette includes two blush shades and four neutral eyeshadows (two matte and two shimmer shades) and a decent mirror. While this doesn't have a lot of variety in terms of looks you can create it would be perfect if you like neutral looks and you can, of course, use the blushes as an eyeshadow for a fun pop of colour too. This palette is also available in four other colour varieties on so if you like the format but not the shades they may interest you.

Similarly, this Barry M Natural Glow Palette includes a blush and a mix of matte and shimmer eyeshadows, this time with six shadows and one blush. This palette offers a little more variety with the shadows and also has a mirror. This palette is a little more affordable at €9.99 (current price on - also currently on 3 for 2 offer) but the packaging is a less durable cardboard compare to the plastic packaging of the sleek one. There is also a Natural Glow 2 which includes an eye primer in place of the blush and a different variety of shades. I'll be including links to all the products I mention down below if you'd like to check them out for yourselves.

If you're not into blush or just want more of a variety of eyeshadow you could check out the MUA eyeshadow palettes. I have a couple of these palettes and they are great quality for the low price, and they have a good variety of neutral and bolder shades to suit your preferences. The reason I chose these as good to travel with is the fact that they are packaged in fairly durable plastic and include twelve shades in a small and slim palette that would easily fit in your makeup bag, also the low price of €5.75 (in Superdrug) means it won't be too devastating if it goes missing. The three pictured below are Glitterball, Silent Disco and Soft Focus.

If you'd like to create your own variety of shades, Essence now has a customisable system with their My Must Haves palettes. You can get a four or an eight pan palette and they have a variety of eyeshadows, lip and face products you can put in. I personally chose four eyeshadows (in the shades 11 stay in coral bay, 06 raspberry frosting, 14 purple clouds and 16 dare to wear)  but you can add blushes, powders and lip glosses or whatever you need all in one palette. This method can work out as more expensive than ready-made palettes with each individual pan costing €1.90 and the palettes costing €1.90 for the four pan and €2.80 for the eight pan but it might be worth it for the customisation option. I wasn't able to find links for these but they sell them in Sam McCauleys and Penneys here in Ireland.

The last eyeshadow palette I chose may seem like a bit of overkill but if you're a makeup addict like me you'll understand. The Makeup Revolution 32 Shade palettes include thirty-two shades (obviously!) in a super slim palette and an awesome sized mirror for only €11.45 (Superdrug). I have the Flawless 2 palette and I love it so much. The variety of shades means you can create so many different looks for day or night so you definitely wouldn't need to bring any other palettes. While this is a fair bit bigger than all the above palettes, for a number of shadows inside it's actually relatively small, so if you're going on a long trip this would work out really well.

I also had to include the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit because I wouldn't travel anywhere without some kind of contour products with me. I know there are probably much smaller contour palettes out there but this is my ride or die so I'm going with it. This includes highlight and bronzer/contour shades as well as the powder I use to set my under eyes so it includes multiple products all in one place as well as a good mirror. Also, all the products in here can be used as eyeshadows so you can bring fewer eyeshadows or leave them behind altogether. For that reason, I think this palette would be a good one to travel with. It currently retails for €8.65 in Superdrug.

Keeping with the face, Makeup Revolution also has the Blush Bronze & Highlight palettes which, predictably contain a blush, bronzer and highlight. I have the shade Smoulder which includes a matte bronzer, shimmery pink blush and champagne highlight and a mirror. Looking on these seem to have been discontinued but they do sell similar products called the Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kits, some of which have blushes and others are concentrated more on contour shades if you are not into blush, however, these kits don't include mirrors.

If you're not into bronzer/contour or highlighters the MUA single blushes are super handy for travelling with as they are super small and slim so you could bring a few and not take up much space in your makeup bag. I personally have the shades Bubblegum, Candyfloss and Marshmallow (pictures are L-R and swatches are R-L) These also work for you're bringing something like the contour kit and so don't want to bring another palette you don't need. These come in a variety of shades and are only €1.55 in Superdrug (£1 in U.K.) so again losing these abroad wouldn't be a massive loss.

For the brows MUA and Makeup Revolution do basically the same eyebrow kit, I personally own the Makeup Revolution one in the shade Light Medium so I can only vouch for the quality of that one but you may prefer one brand to the other. The prices are a little different with the MUA one at €5.75 and the Makeup Revolution at €3.45.  What I like about this is it includes two brown shades, a highlight shade and a wax so you don't need to bring a gel to set your brows in place. It also has a mirror, a little-angled brush and tweezers which are super handy, while I'd probably still bring my own brush and tweezers these are good in a pinch.

Speaking of brushes, basically, any brushes can be put in a brush roll or holder for travel but I particularly like the Real Techniques brush sets as they come with their own brush holder that doubles as a stand for you brush. I've used these in the past for travelling both for my Real Techniques brushes and my other brushes too and they've kept them from being damaged.  It also helps that the brushes are really good quality and are relatively affordable. These retail for around €29-€35 depending on which set you're getting, I have the Flawless Base Set.

So, that's my picks for the top 10 affordable travel-friendly products. Are there any products you always have with you when you travel? Let me know in the comments down below and as always don't forget to click the follow button before you go so you can keep up to date with future posts. 

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Thank you so much for reading today, I hope you enjoyed and will come back again. 

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