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June Favourites 2017

Hello, everybody, it's the beginning of another new month (this year is seriously flying by) and that means it's time to share my monthly favourites for June. You may have noticed this is my second blog post for this week as I missed posting one about 2 weeks ago so I decided to catch up by posting two this week. Be sure to share your favourites for June with me in the comments below or over on Twitter and Instagram, I'd love to hear from you guys. But first, read on to find out what I was loving for the past month. 
My first pick has to be the PS... rainbow highlighter. I picked up this beauty in Penneys for only €4 a few weeks ago and I love it. What I love about this is I can use the all the colours for a rainbow effect like in my Pride look, I can swirl the colours together or I can use each colour individually. So far I've only used it for a rainbow effect but I'm looking forward to trying it out more in different ways.

Speaking of that Pride look, the MUA eyeshadow palettes I used to create the rainbow eye look have also been strong favourites for the month of June. Firstly the Silent Disco palette which is full of awesome bright shades including an amazing matte red has been perfect for creating the bright colourful types of looks that I just love. 

For more neutral, matte looks I've been reaching for the Soft Focus palette which has beautiful shades including some pastel colours as well as neutrals. In particular, I've been using the shades Tinted and Mellow mixed together as a transition shade for both my bright and neutral eye looks. 

To make sure my eyeshadow really pops and looks vibrant I use the Essence 2 in 1 eyeshadow and primer in the shade 01 Nude Beige. I've been using this pretty much non-stop since I bought it and it really helps with the vibrancy of the colours especially the brighter shades. 

Also to help my shadows look more pigmented I use the Freedom professional makeup fixing spray. I spray this on the brush before dipping it into the shadow and it makes the colour twice as vibrant. I also use this for setting my whole face when I'm done my makeup and it does an amazing job at that too so it's an awesome multi-use product. 

The one eyeliner I've been loving the most throughout the month has got to be the Catrice longlasting eye pencil in the shade 110 Rendez-blue. This shade is beyond gorgeous and the liner is super creamy and pigmented. The formula is also waterproof so it's perfect for the waterline as it doesn't run or smudge and stays put all day. 

Finally, for the lips, I've really been loving brown lipsticks as I mentioned in my May favourites and I've also been loving glossy lips so my favourite lip combo for this month has been the Catrice Ultimate Stay lipstick in the shade 150 Chocolate Kiss topped with the Essence Shine Shine Shine wet look lip gloss in the shade 05 so into it!

That's all for my June favourites, don't forget to share yours down in the comments or on social media. As always you can check out the links in the sidebar to read my previous posts and you can click the links below to follow and keep up to date for future posts. 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll come back again soon.

Until Next Time, 

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