Tuesday, 30 May 2017

My Top 5 Favourite Bold/Unique Lipsticks

Hey, everyone, as a self confessed makeup lover I own a lot of lipsticks (and other makeup of course but today we're focusing on lipstick) and with that comes a pretty good variety of shades. I'm a big fan of trying out less common lip colours so in today's post I'm going to share with you guys my top 5 favourite unique lipstick shades. 

The first lipstick is one of the first more "out there" shades that I tried and one that started off my obsession with trying out bolder shades. This beautiful blue shade is Immoral by Makeup Revolution from their Scandalous lipstick collection and I love how unique it is. This lipstick is a little sheer so I would recommend finding a lip liner (I use an MUA eyeliner in the shade royal blue). 

Next up is the shade Serpent from the Atomic lipstick collection also by Makeup Revolution. This is a much darker colour than the previous one and looks almost black in certain light. This is a go-to for St.Patrick's Day and I love the almost metallic affect this has.
Another Makeup Revolution collection that had some awesome unique shades was the Unicorns Unite collection, this featured five metallic lipsticks including a turquoise but my favourite of the bunch is the silvery purple shade; Legend, I've worn it quite a bit lately and featured it in my Spring makeup look post. I love how different this is to any other shades I have and the metallic finish really makes the colour look even more awesome.
The final Makeup Revolution product is technically a lipgloss but as it's so pigmented it's really more like a glossy liquid lipstick. This is the shade that really caught my eye when the Lip Amplifications were released and has made me want this shade in a matte formula too. This shade goes so well with so many eye looks but is still a super bold and unique colour.
The last item is the most neutral of them all and my most recent purchase; the PS... Matte Lip Kit in Chocolate Brownie. This may not seem like a bold shade to some but as I'm super pale it's quite dark on me and it's much differently from shades I've seen before which is why it's on this list. What I love about this is that although it's a dark I can still pair it with bright colourful looks. I'd love to try out a gloss in a similar shade too, leave some suggestions in the comments below if you have recommendations.
So, that's all for my top 5 bold/unique lipstick shades, I know Makeup Revolution made up most of this list but I simply love the brand and they are one of the only affordable brands with these unique colours. 

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