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February Favourites 2017

Hello everyone, I know that I didn't do a January favourites post last month as I felt after all the 2016 favourites posts you guys may have gotten sick of those kinds of posts. However, I am back to doing monthly favourites now, starting of course with February. I will be sharing my favourites in beauty, fashion and maybe some miscellaneous ones too.
Starting with makeup, you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram that
I recently got my hands on the three newest I Heart Makeup Chocolate palettes. I have used all of them but there was definitely a stand out this month which was the Chocolate and Peaches palette. I've recently gotten more into red and warmer toned shadows so this palette caught my eye the most out of the three. If I was wearing a neutral eye look I was probably wearing these shadows.

For when I was feeling a little bolder and colourful I reached for my W7 Neon Nights palette. Over the past month or so I really started experimenting more with fun colours and this palette is so perfect for that. I love the quality of these shadows and there are so many looks I can create with this.

Going along with the Chocolate and Peaches palette I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes Liquid eyeshadow in Berry Chrome which I picked up in Dealz. This really helped make the shadows stand out so beautifully and was quite easy to work with. These products do dry quite quickly but if you work fast they blend nicely I found.

Sticking with the eyeshadow base category, I wore green and blue shadows quite a bit and to really make the shadows pop I used the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Turquoise Fever, which I also found in Dealz a while ago. I love these cream shadows they blend beautifully and they really keep my shadows looking great for a long time, I'm hoping to pick up some more neutral cream shadows soon also.

Finally for eyes, I loved this single shadow by Makeup Revolution in the shade New-tral Red which I got in the 2016 advent calendar. This is a gorgeous matte red and I love using it in the crease and as a transition shade particularly alongside the Chocolate and Peaches Palette.

The foundation I've been loving recently is the Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation which I started using after I ran out of my old favourite. (the Rimmel Match Perfection which featured in my 2016 Makeup Favourites) I use the lightest shade in Porcelain which is still a little too dark for me so I'm still using the Freedom SFX Ghost Whitener to get the right shade. I really love the formula of this foundation, I find it applies best with my damp Real Techniques sponge and it wears really well throughout the day.

I used the same blush, bronzer and highlighter almost non-stop throughout the month, the Iconic Blush, Bronze and Brighten in the shade Smoulder. I got this in a Mystery bag when I got my chocolate palettes and it is so gorgeous. The blush is such a beautiful pink and the bronzer works well with my super fair skin, but the highlighter is the standout product in this kit. Makeup Revolution does highlighters so well and this one is no different, it gives a gorgeous glow and sheen without looking super glittery or intense, I absolutely love it.

I only have a few lip favourites for the month as I basically switched between two lip looks throughout the month. I either wore a glossy nude lip using the nude Makeup Revolution lipstick from the advent calendar topped with Essence Nude Kiss XXXL Lipgloss which you may have seen in my Valentines Hair & Makeup post. I've gotten really into nude lips recently as well as glossy lips so I've been combining both and pairing it with a colourful eye look.

When I was feeling more daring with my lip colour however, I went for a custom shade by mixing two of my favourite Dragon Longlasting Lipgloss (these are actually matte liquid lipsticks) which I got in a set of 28 shades on eBay. I mix shade 11 and 07 which are a blue and green to make a gorgeous teal colour that I absolutely love. The downside of mixing shades is of course that topping up is harder but I have my eye on a similar shade which I'm going to hopefully pick up soon so keep an eye out in future favourites for that.

Finally for makeup/beauty I rediscovered my love for my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge and am now seriously wondering how I ever stopped using it. This makes the finish of my foundation so beautiful and smooth and my foundation doesn't get cakey like it sometimes does when I used a brush. I go through phases of using either a brush or a sponge and I always find the sponge to be my favourite of the two.

Moving onto fashion I don't have too many favourites in this category but I got a few new things this month which I've really been loving.

First off I spotted these black chelsea boots in Penneys and my dad very kindly offered to buy them for me. I'd been looking for a pair of simple black chelsea boots for such a long time so I was very happy to finally get my hands on these, so thanks to my dad for that. I basically alternated between these boots and my next favourite in terms of footwear throughout the month depending on my outfit.

My second favourite is also footwear, these super shiny slip ons. I actually spotted a similar pair that said Flawless instead of Whatever at first but when I went to buy them the next day they only had these. I was disappointed at first but I'm actually super glad I ended up with these instead and I love them so much, they're super fun but they aren't super "out there" so I can wear them with just about anything.

Another favourite you may have seen on my Instagram recently is my Guess handbag as well as the matching purse. I got these as a gift for Christmas and I love them so much. These are so gorgeous and I've barely used my other handbags or purses since Christmas day. I don't see myself swapping out this bag anytime soon as I just love it far too much.

Finally, to round up my favourites I have one random favourite which is the new A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix show. I read the books when I was younger and absolutely love the movie so I was super excited about this show. I loved how much more in depth the series was able to go and I especially loved the Miserable Mill episodes as they hadn't previously been done in the movie as the first three books had. I loved this series and I really hope they can complete the full book series.

So, that's all for my February favourites, thank you so much for taking the time to read and I hope you'll come back soon. If you'd like to know when I post you can follow me on here or on bloglovin' using the buttons in the sidebar or you can follow my social media using the links below.

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Thanks again and I'll see you soon.

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