Friday, 10 February 2017

Super Simple Valentine's Nail Art Ideas

Hey everyone, as it's February I thought it only fitting to do some Valentine's themed posts. Today I'm going to share two super simple nail art ideas I came up with. I'm not overly skilled in the nail art department but I enjoy trying it out anyways so these ideas are super basic. Be sure to let me know if you try these out or if you have any nail art inspiration and tips to share with me.
For both looks you will need the following: 
  • A red, white, dark pink and light pink nail polish.
     The white is the shade 33 Wild White Ways from Essence, the darker pink is from a set I got in New Look ages ago while the lighter pink and red are from the 2015 Makeup Revolution advent calendar.
  • A top and base coat.
    The Top Coat I used is from Essence and the Base Coat is by Collection.
  • Dotting tools.
I got my dotting tools in a set of 4 double-ended tools from Dealz and I used the 2 smallest sizes for the polka dots.
The first idea I had is a simple polka dot accent nail but I decided to add a couple of colours rather than just one for the dots.

I started with a pink base on all my nails, using a slightly lighter colour on my index finger for the accent nail. 
Once the base polish dried I started with white dots using the larger of the two dotting tools I used, following with the darker pink I used on my other nails and finally with the smallest dotting tool I added a few red dots. 
Of course you could do the pattern on all of your nails but I personally like the accent nail. You can also switch up the colours however you like for different occasions. I actually did a similar dotted nail look for St. Patrick's Day last year which you can check out here

The second idea still uses dots but this time I decided to draw a little heart instead of just polka dots. I originally wanted to draw a heart on my nail but my skills didn't stretch that far and so decided a dotted heart was the next best thing. 

I'm actually quite happy with how this turned out. I went for red this time instead of pink as it was brighter and stood out more against the white but of course you can do it in whichever colour you fancy. 
I started with painting all but my index nail red and my index nail white. Then using the dotting tool I drew out a heart shape in red nail polish. 

As I've said both these looks are super basic but I thought they were a little bit of fun and I hope they gave you some inspiration. I'm hoping to have a Valentine's inspired hair and makeup post up in the next few days too. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll come back again. 

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