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2016 Makeup Favourites

Hello everyone, I'm finally back to blogging after an extremely long (unplanned) hiatus. I won't bother with excused or making promises of being better from now on, I will only promise to try my best and enjoy blogging this year. With that in mind today's, post is my roundup of the makeup I loved throughout 2016, following up with a fashion favourites post and of course some miscellaneous favourites too. It goes without saying you may have seen products included in previous monthly favourites posts, so, without further ado here are my favourite makeup products of 2016. Brace yourselves it's gonna be a long one.


I had two favourite foundations this year, one of which was a new purchase.

The first is an old favourite the Rimmel Match Perfection in the shade 101 Classic Ivory. I love this foundation as it works really well with my skin, doesn’t cling to dry patches and lasts well throughout the day. It also blends really well and looks natural and not at all cakey even with my dry skin.

My second favourite is the W7 Genius foundation in the shade Buff. I bought this over the summer when my Rimmel one ran out and used almost non-stop until I, unfortunately, broke the bottle and was unable to salvage any of the product. This foundation is a more liquid formula but still has great buildable coverage, blends naturally and feels light on my skin.
As I am quite pale, I've been looking out for something to lighten my foundation for a while. In October I finally came across the newly released Freedom Ghost Whitener when looking for costume makeup. It works incredibly well on its own as costume makeup and mixed with foundation to make a paler shade without affecting the formulation of the foundation. This product meant I could use foundations I couldn't previously as they didn't match my skin tone properly. I love this product and would definitely recommend it whether you're looking for white makeup or something to mix with your foundation. 

To set my foundation I use the Essence All About Matt Translucent powder. I love this powder as it doesn't cause my face to look white or cakey and helps to keep my makeup in place. I have found some powders don't work with my dry skin but this one sets my makeup beautifully and still has a natural finish.

For contour this year I pretty much exclusively used the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Kit which I got in March. I love this palette as it doesn't look muddy and the powders blend beautifully. The kit works really well with my skin tone and the highlighters included are stunning too. The palette is perfect for travelling as it includes multiple products all in one place and has a good mirror which is always a bonus.

Speaking of highlighters I fell totally in love with two from Makeup Revolution which I got in the 2015 advent calendar, Pink Lights and Golden Lights. These highlights are absolutely gorgeous and I've been alternating between the two throughout the year. I was pleasantly surprised by how well these perform considering their low price point, they're super smooth without any chunky glitter.

Finally, for face products, the blushes I loved using were the Sugar&Spice palette also by Makeup Revolution. Like all Makeup Revolution products these blushes all perform beautifully on the skin and the highlight included in the palette is Pink Lights which makes the palette that much better. There are bright and natural shades included and the blushes are buildable so you can achieve any look you like. Like the contour kit this palette is also great for travel.


Starting with palettes my most used this year were the I <3 Makeup Chocolate Palettes, I have the first six, they've since released three new palettes which I haven't got yet. The six I do have are I Heart Chocolate, Death by Chocolate, Naked Chocolate, Pink Fizz, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Vice. Depending on the time of year the palette I reached for most changed a bit but I nearly always reached for one of these. The shadows are so smooth and easy to blend and the palettes have a good mix of matte and shimmer shades so you don't need to bring in any other shadows. The packaging of these palettes is super cute and they even smell great.

I really loved using coloured eyeliners this year and have managed to pick my four top favourites for the year. 

Over the summer I picked up the Essence Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Blue Lagoon which is a gorgeous teal colour, I've used this loads since buying it and I absolutely love the staying power. It glides on so smoothly and doesn't smudge or run. For such an affordable liner this product performs extremely well. 

The other two pencil liners I've been loving are both from Rimmel, the Scandaleyes liner in Bright Blue and Silver. I usually just used the silver to brighten the inner corners of my eyes but it's so beautiful especially with some silver eyeshadow on top. The pigmentation and staying power of these is really amazing and I'll definitely continue using these this year too.

The final liner and eye product is a gel eyeliner also by Rimmel. I picked up this beautiful green liner for €1.50 in Dealz not expecting much but it is absolutely incredible. It's so easy to use and it has stayed for over 24hrs despite some of my other makeup wearing off. I'm not sure if this product was limited edition, but it's the Kate Moss gel eyeliner in Emerald. 


The thing I switch up the most in my makeup routine is my lipstick, but while I loved a fair few lip products this year I've managed to cut it down to my top 10 lip products.

Firstly is my favourite lip balm, I've used the Vaseline Lip Therapy balms for years but this year I really loved the rosy lips version. This adds a slight rosy int to the lips and smells divine while keeping my lips soft and moisturised.

From MUA I particularly loved two of the Velvet Lip Lacquers in the Shades Zest and Reckless. Over the spring and summer I wore Zest a lot as I love oranges and corals around that time of the year. 

I used Reckless in the summer and around Christmas time as it is such a classic red shade. While these can be drying, they aren't streaky and stay for hours. 

Over the autumn and winter months at the beginning and end of the year I really liked the MUA Luxe Metallic Liquid Lip in Blaze. I found this made my lips look fuller as it has a glossy finish and the colour is to die for. I have a couple of shades but this one is definitely the winner this year.

Lastly from MUA is Fawn Fancy a beautiful nude matte lipstick, this is probably my most used lipstick of the year as it goes with any makeup look and so ended up being my go-to lip colour.

From Makeup Revolution I absolutely fell in love with Liberty Matte from their Iconic Pro Lipstick line. I'm a big fan of both purple and matte lips so this product was perfect for me. The pigmentation is great and I don't find this lipstick drying despite the matte finish. 

In terms of glosses I have four favourites, three from Makeup Revolution and one from Essence.
Keeping with my love for purple, I really enjoyed this Intense Lip gloss from the 2015 Christmas 
gift set. This product is great as it's pigmented enough to work well on it's own or over a lipstick or liner. This is a really fun colour and I particularly liked it in the springtime. 

Speaking of fun colours I also experimented with some unusual lip colours this year and I really really liked the Lip Amplification Lipgloss in Limitless as it was so unlike anything I'd seen before. This is a really beautiful gloss without being sticky and the pigmentation is seriously intense. I'm looking forward to trying some other shades from this line this year.

And going back to more neutral shades, the Lip Euphoria in Aura was another product I used a lot this year. When I wanted a glossy lip rather than matte, this was my go-to nude lip product. The Lip Euphorias are more like Lip Lacquers as they are incredibly opaque and work well without any other products underneath.

To wrap up my favourites of 2016, the Nude Kiss lip gloss from Essence was my favourite gloss to throw on for those "no-makeup" makeup days. This gloss adds a little bit of colour and a beautiful glossy finish and is especially beautiful over a baby pink or nude lipstick. I really like the XXXL lipglosses and would like to pick up a few more to try out this year. 

So, that's all for my 2016 Makeup favourites, I hope you enjoyed and come back for more soon. You can keep updated on my posts by following me on bloglovin' or checking out my social media linked below. 
Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to comment below some of your 2016 makeup faves.

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