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2016 Fashion Favourites Part 2 - Shoes and Accessories

Hello everybody, today's post is part 2 of my 2016 fashion favourites, I will be sharing my top 10 favourite shoes and accessories from the past year. If you'd like to read part 1 where I talk about my top 10 favourite clothing items you can click here. Anyways on with today's post here are my top picks of 2016.

Black Heeled Ankle Boots
Starting with shoes my first favourite were a birthday gift back in March and quickly became my go-to boots for a night out. I love these as they're comfortable to wear for hours and as they're simple they match almost anything.

Wine Lace Up Ankle Boots
Secondly, I picked up this pair on sale in Penneys and they're one of my most worn pairs of shoes of the year. I really loved this colour this year and I'd had my eye out for as pair like this for ages so it's no surprise they made it onto my favourites list.

Brown Over the Knee Boots
Another pair I picked up for a bargain back in the January sales last year are these over the knee boots. I was sorely lacking a pair of simple brown boots in my collection and these were just perfect for me. I wore these boots so much over the autumn and winter months and still wear them as much now as when I first got them.

Disney Slip Ons
Finally for shoes I picked up a couple of fun pairs throughout the year but my standout pair I actually picked up in 2015. I love this style and I just couldn't resist a pair of Disney shoes especially with how cute the Mickey and Minnie Mouse kissing is.

Brown Satchel
My favourite handbag this year is one I've had for years and still use a lot. I chose this one as my top favourite as the size is just perfect to fit what I need without being big and bulky. I really like the style of this bag and the neutral brown means it matches almost every outfit I pair it with.

Pink Jewelled Bobble Hat
To keep cosy and warm this year I've pretty much solely worn this pink bobble hat. This hat keeps my ears lovely and toasty in the cold weather and I really like the jewel detailing at the front.

Wine Circle Scarf
Along with the hat the scarf I paired with it most days was this super cosy circle scarf. I actually have a hat to match with this but I found the pink one a bit warmer. Maybe I should grab a pink one to match better.

Cat Eye Sunglasses
For the few days when we actually had some sun my preferred sunglasses were a new purchase this year and a style I hadn't tried out before. I decided to stray away from my colourful framed glasses and go for a more neutral pair and I definitely made the right choice.

Moving on to jewellery, it just wouldn't be a 2016 favourites without mentioning a choker. I wore this a tonne throughout the year, so much so I ignored my other necklaces just a little bit. I'll be happily increasing my choker collection throughout this year.

Claddagh Ring
Finishing up with one last piece of jewellery, this one is a little more sentimental. My Claddagh ring was a gift from my Nan for my birthday a couple of years back and I almost always wear it. My hand actually feels a little naked when I don't wear it.

That rounds up the fashion portion of my 2016 favourites, there's one last post coming up with my miscellaneous favourites for the year in this series and then it's back to regular posting.

Thanks for reading as always and I hope you'll come back again. If you'd like to read any of my other posts you can check them out by clicking the links in the sidebar and to keep up to date with my future posts be sure to follow me on social media.

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