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2016 Fashion Favourites Part 1 - Clothes

Hey guys, you may have seen on Instagram that I said I was working on a post for the weekend and didn't actually end up posting anything. My apologies but I was actually really unhappy with my first draft of this post so I decided rather than posting something I wasn't happy with I would just scrap it and start over. I've decided that the best way for me to do my fashion favourites would be to just pick my absolute top favourites and do a Top 10 List. So here are my top ten fashion favourites of 2016.

Open Shoulder Top
Starting with this lovely open shoulder top, I really love it as it's so easy to throw on with a pair of jeans and boots and look stylish and I also really like the asymmetrical hem. I love the open shoulder style and hope to pick up a few more tops similar this year.

Hufflepuff T-Shirt
I particularly liked wearing my loose fitted t-shirts this year, being the nerd I am all of my favourites have references to movies or TV shows I love namely in this case: Harry Potter, as a proud Hufflepuff I wore this t-shirt a lot so it was an easy pick for my favourites. This style of t-shirt is so comfy and super easy to style and I got all four of these from Penneys so they were super affordable meaning I love them even more.

Black High Neck Crop Top
I find crop tops very flattering especially with high waist skirts and jeans, my go-to outfit for nights out is a crop top and high waist jeans and I alternate between three, however, this had to be my number one as I can wear it in the cold weather and it's a simple black which means it goes with my plain and patterned skirts.

Tartan Shift Dress
I started wearing dresses a lot more this year so picking a top favourite for the year was a little difficult, however, this one has been a favourite of mine for a while as I love the tartan pattern and I  have a serious love for collars. This dress is another item I would gladly buy in every colour and pattern if I could.

High-Waist Jeans
I basically live in skinny jeans so, of course, my favourite jeans this past year are in that style. I got really into high waist jeans this year and my number one faves are a lovely pair with ripped knees which my nan always complains about. I find high waisted jeans incredibly flattering so if anyone out there wants to send me a pair in every colour that would be great.

Daisy Patterned Jeans
Of course, I also loved a couple of other pairs which weren't high waisted. I had a particular love for patterned jeans and my top pick have to be this daisy pair from Penneys. I like that while these are patterned they're still quite neutral making them easy to style as they match almost everything.

Button Up Skirt
I used to almost exclusively wear skater skirts but this year I absolutely loved this black denim skirt which is so easy to style. I loved it so much I recently picked up a blue denim one too which I love just as much so it'll probably crop up in a monthly favourites post soon.

Hand Painted Cropped Jumper
I have a particular love for cropped jumpers, in fact, the majority of the jumpers I own are cropped. My number one favourite this year is this red hand painted jumper which I got from the ASOS Marketplace. I especially love that this is so unique as it's hand painted so nobody else has one like it.

Wine Knee Length Cardigan
I tend to go for longer jumpers as I find they go well with jeans, skirts and dresses. I found this one, in particular, to be so comfy and warm and the colour was clearly a running favourite for the year as well. My favourite way to wear these is with skinny jeans and boots with either a t-shirt or shirt underneath.

Blue Leather Jacket
It wasn't too difficult to choose my favourite jacket as this one is in my absolute favourite colour and I absolutely love leather jackets too. I have quite the collection building and am hoping to pick up a green or red one next. If you guys have seen any coloured leather jackets feel free to send me a link on social media or in the comments below, I'd be really grateful.

That's all for my clothing favourites of 2016, I've also separated shoes and accessories into a separate post which will be up in a couple of days, so be sure to keep an eye out on my social media for updates when that post is up. 

Thank you so much for reading, be sure to check out my other posts by clicking the links in the sidebar and I hope you come back soon.

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