Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Current Favourites

So, I've been away for a (long) while, but let's not dwell and that and just concentrate on getting back on track. As I missed last month's favourites post I've compiled my favourites for the past two months for this post. I actually don't have too many new favourites so this will be a pretty short post, but nevertheless let's get on with it.....

My first favourite has got to be the Makeup Revolution Flawless 2 palette. I've used this palette nearly every time I've done my makeup recently and I just can't get enough. It's a lovely neutral palette with a great mix of matte and shimmers, and as always with Makeup Revolution the pigmentation and finish of each shadow is just gorgeous. I've been particularly loving the warmer toned colours in the top right hand corner as well as the darker colours for a smokier look.

Another Makeup Revolution is the Pressed Blush in Wow. I've been drawn to more coral and peachy colours as the weather has warmed up and this blush is perfect. I love that it's buildable so I can choose to go for a subtle flush of colour or build it up for a slightly more intense look if I so wish. 

In keeping with the coral theme, I've also been loving the Makeup Academy Velvet Lip Lacquer in Zest. It's a beautiful pinky coral and I definitely see it continuing to be a firm favourite for the summer months.

One final Makeup Revolution item that made it to my favourites is the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Mid Brown. I can't get enough of this, it's so easy to use and I just love how it makes my brows look. Although I do still love using my brow powders, this may be my new top favourite brow product.

And now the final makeup related favourite is the Real Techniques Contour Brush from the Core Collection. I got the set for my birthday in March and haven't used any other brush for applying my highlight since. What I love about this brush is how I can apply a subtle or super intense highlight with the same brush and as with all Real Techniques brushes it's amazingly soft and overall great quality.

I have two fashion favourites, the first of which are these super pretty Converse. I fell in love with these the moment I saw them and simply couldn't leave them behind. I had never seen Converse with this ombre effect and I find it so gorgeous. I've worn these so many times since I bought them and have asked everyone and their mother if they liked them because I wanted to show them off. Safe to say these are in my top 10 favourite shoes right now.

My final favourites are these faux septum rings. I picked these up in Penneys for fun and actually ended up really liking them. I think they're a really fun accessory and as I'd never be brave enough to actually get my nose pierced, these are the next best thing.

So, that's all for the things I've been loving recently, I have a haul lined up for later in the week so make sure to keep an eye out for that. 

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  1. Love your blog, makeup and fashion. Saw your favs list and we shared quite a few in common including wanting our noses pierced. I did it this spring and now get so many compliments on it.

    Just want you know that you would really look lovely with a cute little nose stud or ring. I'm in college too and wanted a nose ring stud since high school, but my parents said no.

    Since you have a super pretty face and cute nose, go ahead and do it. Like you, I never thought I'd have the courage also, but had it done at Claire's where they now offer nose piercing with a little special instrument which is super quick, and painless. Promise you will look very feminine and ingénue on you as well showing an outward symbol of your wonderful creativity with your beauty and fashion talent.

    Drop me a note if any questions or just want to see a picture.