Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Two Super Simple St. Patrick's Day Nail Art Ideas!

As St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow I thought I would share my little way of showing my Irish pride without dressing head to toe in green. These two nail art ideas are super quick and easy, and if you change the colours would suit any time of the year. 
For both ideas
all you’ll need are a base and top coat, a few nail polishes and some dotting tools.
For the first, you will need 

  • Green Nail Polish, I used Claire's Nail Polish in Woodland.
  • White Nail Polish, Mine is Collection Mardi Gras in White Out.
  • Orange Nail Polish, This one is one I got in a set from Penneys.
  • Dotting tools, I purchased a set of four double ended tools in Dealz but you can use something you have at home such as a cocktail stick.

To start I painted my nails with one of the colours, I've done all three so you could choose to alternate between the three or just stick with one base colour.
I just realised I missed my little finger and I have no idea how.

I then used the dotting tools and the nail polish to create dots in the other two colours, e.g on the white nail I put orange and green dots. In order to make the orange show up well on the green, I first did white dots then orange on top.

The next idea is even easier with just one accent nail. Again you will need:
  • Green Nail Polish.
  • White Nail Polish.
  • Dotting tools, for this one I used a much larger dotting tool so a cocktail stick may not work here.

To start I painted all my nails in green, except my index finger which I did in white.

I then used the dotting tool to create three circles, joined together to create a shamrock shape.

To create the stem I just used the smallest tool in the set and drew a small curved line.

To finish both looks I just used a top coat and left them to dry, these looks both took around ten minutes each, to do both hands, super quick and fun.

So that's all for my quick and easy St. Patrick's Day nail art ideas, make sure to let me know and show me your looks if you try out these ideas. Links to my social media will be below. 

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