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My Top 5 Beauty Tools

Some of the most important things in an any make-up lovers collection are their tools. To achieve that flawless complexion, perfectly sculpted cheekbones or a perfectly smoky eye the tools are just as important as the product itself. A bad brush can be the difference between a sultry smoky eye look or a black eye. With that in mind I'm going to talk about my top five beauty tools I just couldn't live without...

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

My first favourite is from Real Techniques,undoubtedly a top favourite in the world of beauty blogging. In fact I purchased this sponge after seeing it mentioned by youtubers such as Jaclyn Hill, KathleenLights and Tanya Burr to name a few. As seen in my January Sales Haul I have recently purchased some back ups. The thing I love about this is that the shape means it's easy to work with on all areas of the face, in particular I use the flat side to blend my under-eye concealer. I also love that these are super affordable, costing around €5-6. I use this every time I do my makeup and would recommend it to anyone. 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. 

This is my all time favourite foundation brush, I use this to apply my foundation whenever I do my makeup and it always looks incredible. It doesn't create streaks, it's super soft and it blends my foundation flawlessly. I purchased this brush in London last March and have been using it ever since. It also works amazingly with powder, applying enough without looking cakey. Overall this brush is a winner for me. They retail for around €15 here in Ireland and although this may seem high for the quality and compared to many other brushes they are extremely good value.

Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush.

My top eye brush is unsurprisingly also by Real Techniques,what can I say? They're great!This brush is from the starter set. I use it to blend my transition shade in my crease and to buff away any harsh edges to create a well blended eye look. I find this blends the shadows so well and unlike some brushes I've tried it's soft and doesn't scratch at my eyes. Whether I'm doing an intense look and using this brush to blend harsh edges or simply using it to softly define my eyes using some bronzer in the crease I am never disappointed with the result.

P.S... Contour Brush.(Penneys/Primark)

I was sceptical about the quality of this brush when I saw it in Penneys but decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised, the brush is super soft and blends my powder contour like a dream. I love the shape of this brush as it's narrow but fluffy so it gives a defined yet not harsh contour. I feel this brush picks up just the right amount of product and applies it just right. At €2.50 I am more than happy with it and I haven't contoured with another brush since.

Essence Smokey Eye Brush.

Although this brush is no longer available I thought I would still mention it as I rarely do my eye makeup without using it. This was one of my first "proper" makeup brushes and it's still going strong. I believe this exact brush was discontinued quite a while ago (there is now a new blending brush)  so I'm glad I picked three while I had the chance. This brush has been my saviour when it comes to smokey eyes, it's soft and flexible and blends the shadows so well.  I just love how well this brush blends my shadows together, I also love how small this brush is meaning I can blend eyeshadow on my lower lash line too.

So those are my top favourite beauty tools right now, let me know what your favourite brushes and tools are down below or on social media, links will be below.

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