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Makeup Revolution Wishlist

One of my absolute favourite beauty brands is Makeup Revolution. As a college student I don’t have a large income and so can’t afford to splurge on high-end brands, Makeup Revolution provides budget friendly yet great quality products. They also dupe many high end products, for example their I Heart Chocolate palette is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. As affordable as this brand is however, I still can’t buy every product I want at one time so I compiled the top ten products on my wish list for my next Makeup Revolution purchase.

I've put the items into categories so they’re in no particular order in terms of preference. I’ve also left links for each product(click the product name) if you’re interested in picking up some.


Ultra Cream Contour Palette

With contouring being as popular as it is, I’ve been more and more tempted to try out cream contouring rather than powder. However it can be difficult to find contour palettes in the drugstore, particularly cream palettes. When I saw this palette I knew I had to get it, not just because it was one of the most affordable palettes (although that helped), but because I found it had a wide range of shades which I could use and mix to create the perfect contour. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

Highlight Palette Beyond Radiance 

new release that I fell in love with instantly is the newest highlight palette. Once I saw swatches I knew I had the have it, the first shade is simply to die for especially for a pale girl like me. I already know I love Makeup Revolutions highlighters, particularly Pink Lights which I’ve been using almost exclusively since I got it in the 2015 advent calendar. Therefore I have no doubts that I would love this palette just as much.

This palette caught my attention while I was looking at the blush palettes as it contains not only blushes but bronzer and highlight shades too. The shades of this palette appealed to me as they’re paler shades than some of the other palettes I looked at. I also love the convenience of having bronzer blusher and highlighter all in one place while still having multiple to choose from making it a great travel palette.


Iconic Pro 1 Palette

A problem I have with some eyeshadow palettes is the lack of matte shades, so what first drew me to this palette was that the top row is fully matte, and the bottom is shimmer. I could never have enough neutral palettes in my collection and I just love the versatility of this one, it allows you to create fully matte or more neutral looks without having to reach for any other shadows.

Like the previous palette, this one has an entire row of mattes and a row of shimmers, but this has a few more pops of colour. I was drawn to this palette because of the gorgeous matte blue and plum shades which are unlike any shadows I have in my collection. I like that this palette is still quite neutral but you can also achieve slightly more dramatic or colourful looks, making it very versatile.


Ultra Aqua Brow Tint-Medium

I've been looking to try out different ways to fill in my brows, as I’ve been simply using powder for years. When I saw these I was immediately intrigued, and liked the double use of filling and setting your brows with just one product. Although I don’t know how well this product will work I’m very curious to give it a try.


Iconic Pro Lipstick Liberty Matte

I love Makeup revolution lipstick, particularly for the fun colours you won’t find elsewhere in the drugstore, so this one of course caught my eye straight away. I chose the matte version rather than the original simply because I love a matte lip and I don’t have a purple lipstick in a matte finish yet.

Lip Euphoria Aura

Ideally I would like to get all the shades of the new Lip Euphoria liquid lipstick but the shade on the top of my list is this gorgeous brown-red? (I can’t really describe it) shade. This shade is unlike any others I own and the shine and pigmentation from these products is beyond amazing, especially considering the price. I need this in my collection.

Rose Gold Lipstick Private Members Club

Another new release, can we just talk about the rose gold packaging? It is so beautiful, again I want to purchase this entire line of lipsticks. However, as a strong lover of bold dark lips the one that caught my eye was this gorgeous deep purple shade. I have a couple of purple shades in my collection but none quite like this so, naturally I absolutely need to buy it.


Ultra Metals Flat Contour Brushes

You might recognise this brush as a dupe for the Real Techniques Bold Metals, which is one of the main reasons that first attracted me. I had been looking for a contour brush for a while when the Bold Metals line came out but they were a little above my budget. Luckily Makeup Revolution saved the day and created a more budget friendly option which still has a gorgeous rose gold handle.

So those are my top ten most wanted Makeup Revolution products. Let me know if you have any makeup revolution products or which ones you’d like to try out in the comments below or follow me on social media. Links Below

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