Saturday, 26 March 2016

How I Style...Plaid Shirts

Some of my absolute favourite clothing items are my plaid shirts. They are incredibly versatile making them so easy to style, plus absolutely anyone can look good in one. That's why today I'm going to share the five most common ways I like to wear them.

1. Plain and Simple

The first and possibly most common way I wear my shirts is to just throw it on with a pair of jeans, super quick and easy.

2. Warm Layer

In colder months I like to layer up and add a jumper over my shirts with the collar showing, I love this look with jeans and skirts.

3.Open Layering

Possibly my favourite way of wearing plaid shirts is to leave them open and loose over a t-shirt, once the weather gets a little warmer this is one of my go to looks.

4. All Tied Up

One of my lesser worn ways of styling a shirt is tying at the bottom and wearing as a sort of crop top, I prefer this style with skirts but I occasionally wear it with high waisted jeans.

5. Tucked In

My love for skater skirts was not going to escape this post, this is one of my most common ways of styling my skater skirts and I just love how simple and casual this outfit is.

So, that is it for my top 5 ways to style plaid shirts, make sure to let me know below or on my social media what other items you'd like to see. 

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