Monday, 7 March 2016

February Fashion Favourites

I didn’t wear very much makeup so I have no stand out beauty favourites for the month. I am getting back into doing my makeup again though so I should have some for my March favourites.  For that reason I’m just going to be talking about a few of my fashion favourites in this post.

One of the most important things in winter is of course keeping warm so my first favourite is the coat I wore to do just that. I bought this coat in the January sales two years ago and it has served me well, through a winter trip to London for my 18th birthday and through two Irish winters. This coat is a staple in my wardrobe when it comes to winter so it’s no surprise it’s a favourite this month.

In addition to a warm jacket I never leave the house without a scarf in winter. I particularly love this one as it is fleece lined and so cosy. This is the only scarf I wore this entire month and I will continue to wear it until we eventually get some spring weather here in Ireland.

A new purchase this month was these high-waist jeans, I’ve become slightly obsessed with high-waist jeans after buying a pair at Christmas so when I saw these I couldn’t resist. I find these jeans so comfortable and super versatile, I can style them with so many different things. I can definitely see these being a key piece in my wardrobe.

Due to the cold and rainy weather I stuck to mostly wearing boots to keep my feet warm and dry. The first pair you will have seen in my January Sales Haul. When I bought these I knew I would get a lot of wear out of them. They are very comfortable and they match almost any outfit, these will continue to be a staple piece.

The second pair I bought to replace an old pair of boots that unfortunately fell apart. I instantly fell in love with the gold detailing and these, like the previous pair, I can wear with any outfit. I’ve been basically switching between these two pairs of boots the entire month, depending on which I preferred on that given day.

That’s all for this months favourites,let me know what your favourites were this past month and follow me on social media, links will be below. 

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