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Born Pretty (eBay) Nail Art Plates Review!!

I mentioned on Twitter that I might feature these on my blog a while ago and now I'm finally getting around to it.
I've been getting more and more into nail art in recent months, however I found it very difficult to get a design I was happy with using a brush or other nail tools. So, when I spotted these plates on eBay I decided to give them a try and I was not disappointed.(I'll leave a link below to the set I purchased along with a link for the stamper and scraper.)

The set I purchased contained 10 different plates and cost me about €6, they are also sold individually for about €1 each so it worked out better value for the set. There are many sets to choose from but I decided on this one just because it was the one that appealed to me most, I definitely plan on picking up a few more though.

The Review

Firstly I'm going to say I love these plates, they make doing my nails so much less of a chore. Before I bought these I attempted using dotting tools, which didn't go too badly and nail art brushes, which simply ended in mess and frustration. The plates make things so much quicker and easier and I enjoy playing around with them and creating new designs on my nails. 
I am definitely interested in buying more plates like this, I've seen christmas,nautical and egyptian designs to name a few. I without a doubt feel these are worth the price, they've worked great for me and I've gotten some awesome nail looks from them. I've included a few pictures for you to see what you can do with these plates.
This is one of my favourite plates, I just love the floral details and the "princess" is so beautiful too.
This is a plate I haven't tried out too much but looking at the designs I have a few ideas for future nail creations.
Another of my favourite plates, the howling wolf is definitely in my top ten favourite designs. I'm obsessed.
Overall, I am totally impressed with these nail art plates. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I first saw them but once I started to use them I quickly became obsessed. Now nearly every time I do my nails I use these to create designs, whether for all my nails or just to add detail for an accent nail.
They're so great for people like me who love nail art but are unable to create designs freehand. I would highly recommend these to anyone who is interested, they are a great purchase for anyone who wants to add a little extra to their nails and they won't break the bank! I can safely say I completely love this product and would 100% purchase more.

How it works

The plates work by transferring polish from the plate to your nail using the stamper tool. 
  1. Firstly using your nail polish, paint over the design you wish to use.
  2. Then scrape the excess polish off with the scraper tool.
  3. Once you have the nail polish scraped off, use the stamping tool and place it over the design, pressing down so to pick up the design. 
  4. Finally press the stamp onto the desired nail to transfer the design.

Here are the links to the products: Nail art plates and the Stamper & Scraper. (you will need both)

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